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Best Freshwater Baitcasting Reels 2023 – Casting Reels

best freshwater baitcasting reel
Written by John Carter

Baitcasting reels are the most crucial fishing gear for getting a large lure. Before the baitcasting reel, most anglers used spinning reel, but spinning reel goes not give us those management and casting, which is possible with baitcatser. In those days, thousands of super quality baitcaster are available. In this article, we will review the best freshwater baitcast reels.

Freshwater Fishing Reel

You can pick up hundreds of reels in the market, but each reel plays a different role in each water. If you want to purchase some of the best freshwater baitcasting reels, we will tell you the six best freshwater casting reels. These are the top-rated baitcasting reels.

Some famous brands produce the best quality freshwater baitcaster in which Shimano freshwater baitcasting reels and Penn freshwater baitcasting reels are included.

Favorite Reels

Shimano Curado DC
Shimano Curado DC
  • Gear ratio:8.5:1
  • Seven ball bearing
  • 11 pounds drag power
  • Weight:7.9oz
ROPHAL Round Baitcasting Reel
ROPHAL Round Baitcasting Reel
  • Seven premium shielded ball-bearing systems.
  • High gear ratio:7.2:1
  • Drag power: 15lbs
  • Weight: 7oz
Piscifun Alloy M Baitcasting Reels
Piscifun Alloy M Baitcasting Reels
  • Gear ratio: 6.3:1/7.5:1/8.4:1
  • Drag capacity:22lbs
  • 9 Bearings: 8 double-shielded stainless steel ball bearings + roller bearing

Shimano Freshwater Baitcasting Reels

As we all know, all of the experts and professional anglers love Shimano brands reels. After searching hundreds of baitcast, we pick the two best Shimano freshwater baitcasting reels. These are specially designed for freshwater casting reels.

1. Shimano Curado DC

“Low Profile Baitcasting Freshwater Fishing Reel”

The Shimano Curado DC is an 8.5:1gear ratio that increases the capacity during the fish catch. It delivers the power and strength that you need to land big fish. The reel also has an advanced casting system that reduces lateral line tension.

Shimano Curado DC has been developed for freshwater. It provides you with a comfortable and smooth casting performance.

The Shimano Curado DC is a lightweight and comfortable baitcasting reel, perfect for beginners. The reel features a wide gear ratio to cast a variety of baits, and the solid drag system allows for fighting big fish with ease.

Our first choice is Shimano Curado DC freshwater baitcaster. There is a lot of reason behind it, that’s why we chose it first.

Shimano Curado DC
9.7/10 Our Score


  • Monoline capacity: 10/120; 12/110; 14/90
  • Braided line capacity( power): 20/150; 30/135; 40/105
  • Gear ratio:8.5:1
  • Seven ball bearing
  • 11 pounds drag power
  • Weight:7.9oz
  • Available both right and left-handed orientation.
  • First freshwater casting reels are getting five rated stars after 800 reviews. Shimano Curado DC freshwater baitcasting reels are high-quality reels that completely satisfy his user.
  • CURADO DC low profile reel is the latest model available with advanced features.
  • A high braking system (digital control braking) is included in this reel, which gives its durability, trustworthiness, and versatility.
  • A digital control brake system makes its casting brilliant and utilizes a microcomputer.
Shimano freshwater baitcasting reels
  • Its a High-performance baitcaster, which gives incredible smoothness in casting.
  • Use of it’s too much easy. All skill level anglers efficiently use it because it contains four easy adjustable side plates. With the help of these side plates, you can easily adjust its brake system as you want.
  • The maximum drag capacity of this Shimano freshwater baitcaster is 11lbs (pounds), which benefits anglers who want to catch catfish.
  • The high gear ratio (8.5:1) makes it a valuable reel for freshwater casting. The high gear ratio increases its line retrieves from 26 to 36.
  • Shimano Curado DC freshwater baitcasting reels hold six high-performance stainless steel ball-bearing and one roller bearing.
  • None of the user complaints against this freshwater casting reel, even more than 800 reviews on Amazon, are available on amazon. After using more than 5months, we did not find any blender in this Shimano brand’s reel.

2. SHIMANO Bantam MG

“Best Freshwater Baitcasting Reel”

The Bantam MGL is the perfect reel for anglers who want to start fishing and don’t want to invest too much money. Its compact, ergonomic design handles a variety of freshwater species, including trout, perch, and bass fish. The Bantam MGL uses a cutting-edge, ultra-low profile spool design that increases the reel’s capacity by 20%.

The SHIMANO Bantam MGL is an excellent reel for light-duty freshwater applications. If you’re new to baitcasting or need a second reel, this is the one to get. With the Bantam MGL, you can react quickly to the bite and bring in your catch.

SHIMANO Bantam MGL LowProfile Baitcasting Freshwater Fishing Reel, CNC-machined aluminum spool, Magforce-Z casting system, 6.4:1 gear ratio, Instant Anti-Reverse, Air Rotor, X-Ship, Magseal, and more, the Bantam MGL is built to perform.

9.4/10 Our Score


  • Monoline capacity: 10/120;12/110;14/90
  • Power Pro line capacity: 20/150;30/135;40/105
  • Maximum drag power: 11 pounds
  • ratio: 6.2:1
  • 8 Ball bearing: 7 stainless steel +1 roller bearing
  • Weight:7.6oz
  • Shimano Bantam MGL is another Shimano brand baitcaster, a lightweight modern freshwater casting reel. MGL is a new technology which means it has a lightweight magnum lite spool design that decreases its moment of inertia to make it easy and increase its casting to make it perfect for long-distance.
  • Shimano Bantam MGL is manufactured in Japanese companies. It was released in 1979 near about 40 years ago. Now it has become the most famous freshwater casting reel. It is high performance and durable reel.
  • The Bantam MGL sets the standard of rigidity and sensitivity using Shimano’s new Core solid body design that integrates the handle side. 
best freshwater baitcast reel

Relax and Low Profile Reel Sensitivity

  • It gives smoothness because a lightweight magnum lite spool reduces startup inertia and provides high casting distance and easy flipping, pitching, and skipping use.
  • It provides us with 11lbs of drag power with smooth casting. A high gear ratio (6.2:1) reduces its retrieval time. Shimano Bantam MGL has eight ball bearing systems in which seven stainless ball bearings and one roller bearing are included.

3. ROPHAL Round Baitcasting Reel 

“Conventional Reel Inshore and Offshore Saltwater and Freshwater Reel”

The ROPHAL Round Baitcasting Reel is a high-quality, full metal, carbon fiber star drag round baitcasting reel. It is rugged and built to fish!

The ROPHAL Round Baitcasting Reel is a high-quality, full metal, carbon fiber star drag round baitcasting reel. It is rugged and built to fish!

The ROPHAL Round baitcasting reel is a new concept from Shimano. It is an inline, round baitcasting reel with a futuristic design and a lightweight. It is ideal for both inshore and offshore fishing.

The ROPHAL Round Baitcasting Reel will allow you to catch more fish. The reel is made for both inshore saltwater fishing and freshwater fishing. It comes in three colors, which are silver, black, and blue. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

ROPHAL Round Baitcasting Reel 
9.5/10 Our Score


  • Seven premium shielded ball-bearing systems.
  • High gear ratio:7.2:1
  • Drag power: 15lbs
  • Weight: 7oz
  • Monoline capacity: 15/95
  • Braided line capacity: 45/130
  • ROPHAL Round reel is coming from palm fishing brands. It is specially designed for catfishing. Two years ago I bought it for catfish. It’s working well for catfishing.
  • It is designed with aluminum metal and a complete body covered with metal. Because aluminum is a corrosion-resistant material, so that’s, you can also use it for saltwater.
  • It is one of the best baitcaster for Inshore and Offshore fishing at an affordable price.
freshwater baitcasting reel
  • Stainless steel material is used in its handle and bearing system.
  • The spool and side plates are designed with hard-anodized aluminum material.
  • It is a Powerful palm worrier round bait caster coming with a superior carbon drag system.
  • It has seven premium shielded stainless steel deep race ball bearing for smooth casting.
  • It is a high-quality reel at an affordable price. Its strong material, beautiful design, and mighty drag system benefit catfish.

4. Piscifun Alloy M Baitcasting Reels

    “Low Profile freshwater Baitcast Fishing Reels”

Piscifun Alloy M Baitcasting Reels is a perfect fishing gear for a beginner angler. It provides you with reliable performance. It’s also an excellent choice for seasoned anglers who need an extra just in case. The Piscifun Alloy M Baitcasting Reels is a fantastic product, which is that the quality of this product is outstanding. You will feel delighted if you buy and use it. 

Piscifun Alloy M Baitcasting Reels
9.3/10 Our Score


  • Gear ratio: 6.3:1/7.5:1/8.4:1
  • Drag capacity:22lbs
  • 9 Bearings: 8 double-shielded stainless steel ball bearings + roller bearing
  • Low profile baitcaster for freshwater and saltwater.
  • Available both handed orientation
  • 12 magnets magnetic brake system
  • Fishing line: fly
  • It is another best freshwater baitcast reel to the Piscifun brand. Low profile fishing reel that’s drag power is 22 pounds.
  • Alloy M Baitcasting Reels has an aluminum frame. Its ADC12 grade aluminum frame provides durability and makes its corrosion-resistant baitcaster, giving better results in saltwater and freshwater.
  • It performs high performance based on nine ball-bearing systems. Eight double-shielded ball bearings and one roller bearing make it a robust and reliable reel.
best freshwater casting reel
  • It has a magnetic brake system with 12 feature magnets. Without backlashes, it gives more casting, which helps catch more fish.
  • A few months ago, I tested nearly fifty reels under this price range in which Alloy M Baitcasting Reels included. Among all of those reels, I feel it better. This reel’s smoothness, drag power, strength, and gear ratio are good.

5. Piscifun Spark Pro Baitcasting Reel

Super Compact 16.5 LB Carbon Fiber Drag”

Spark Pro most popular inshore and offshore freshwater baitcaster on the Piscifun brand. It is an outstanding Baitcasting Reel. It is a large reel but light in weight. I used it for the first time to play with my son, and it is a fun game. Best of all, it is a professional quality reel. This reel is the best fishing reel I have ever used. It comes with a 9 + 1 shielded ball bearing and a magnetic brake system. I used this reel to catch sea bass, and it is incredible.

Piscifun Spark Pro is a baitcasting reel constructed with a super compact design and 16.5LB Carbon Fiber Drag System. This fishing reel is perfect for casting jigs, spinnerbaits, crankbaits, and soft plastics. It has a good drag and is lightweight. It allows you to cast a significant distance, and it has a quiet operation.

Piscifun Spark Pro Baitcasting Reel
9.0/10 Our Score


  • Super compact carbon fiber drag power:16.5lbs
  • A shielded ball bearing system:11+1 ball bearings
  • Magnetic brake system with eight magnets features.
  • Gear ratio: two different gear ratios with different prices, 6.6:1 and 8.1:1
  • Both left and right-hand orientation

The Piscifun Spark Pro Baitcasting Reel is an excellent reel for the money. The reel is great for anyone just getting into fishing.

  • 11+1 shielded ball bearings made it a smooth reel and reduced casting harden. Shielded ball bearings increase its strength and save its frame from corrosion; that’s why you can catch big and heavy fish in both fresh and saltwater.
  • A new feature, double shift line winds, is included in this reel. Line winds support increases its durability and stability. Line winds increase its safety in a pitiless environment.
best baitcasting reel for freshwater
  • The brake system is designed with eight magnetics discs that increase the power of the magnetic brake system and reduce the chance of backlashes that making it a strength reel and smooth reel.
  • The super compacts are designed to make their frame comfortable, which decreases the energy of anglers during the casting and increases powerful retrieve.

6. PLUSINNO Elite Hunter Baitcasting Reel

” Baitcasting Fishing Reel Ultra Smooth”

Having a reliable fishing reel is very important. It can help you catch more fish. The PLUSINNO Elite Hunter Baitcasting Reel features a high-quality and lightweight carbon fiber body with a sleek design.

It is equipped with the latest carbon fiber drag system that improves the drag performance and smoothness of the reel. The carbon fiber drag brings a lot of features to the reel. It’s a good choice for those who like to fish in the sea or the river.

PLUSINNO Elite Hunter Baitcasting Reel – PLUSINNO Elite Hunter Baitcasting Fishing Reel Ultra Smooth 11LB Carbon Fiber Drag, 6.5:1 Gear Ratio,5+ 1 Shielded Ball Bearings, Rubber Handle. The newest carbon fiber material and technology make it lighter, smoother, and more sensitive baitcasting reel than other fishing reels.

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur S Round Reel
8.8/10 Our Score


  • Gear ratio: 6.5:1
  • Four carbon disc drag system:11lbs
  • 5+1 shield ball bearings
  • Rubber handle knobs
  • Aluminum and graphite are used in body and frame structures.
  • Magnetic brake system with five standard magnetic disks and five additional magnetic disks.

  • It has a 6.5:1 reinforced CNC machined brass gear ratio, ensuring reel strength and durability.
  • The heavy-duty brass main and pinion gears feature to make its long-lasted baitcaster. Increase its speed and reduce its noise during the cast.
  • It contains four carbon disc drag system, which is powerful and works smoothly. Its ability to drag is more than 8kg.
best freshwater fishing reel
  • It has a 6.5:1 gear ratio, which is perfect for crankbaits and carries up 29.7 fishing line that is great for pitching jigs or burning baits at high speed.
  • As with the other reels, it has a magnetic brake system with five additional magnetic disks. Five standard magnetic disks and five extra magnetic disks increase their maintenance during the cast.

Who to choose Best Reel?

Here we reviewed that six baitcaster, which are the best baitcaster reel for the freshwater. In these reels, some are perfect for both water.

I can guide you on which reel should remain best for you as my expertise.

  • If you are newbies and want to learn baitcaster or test the baitcasting reel, then go for PLUSINNO Elite Hunter because it is the lowest price baitcaster and packed with modern features. It is the easiest bait caster that will help you in soon learning.
  • If you are a seasonal angler and used a bait caster baitcaster. And now, to want to change reel or play big, go for SHIMANO brand reels like Curado DC and Bantam MGL. Most professional anglers only and only select Shimano brand reels.
  • If you need reels for inshore and offshore fishing, then go for Rophal Round. It is a conventional reel for inshore and offshore fishing. It is covered with metal which protects it’s from corrosion. 

There are many different types of baitcasting reels on the market today. So, which one is the best baitcasting reel? Well, that answer depends on personal preference. Some people prefer Shimano baitcasting reels because they are very smooth and easy to use. Other people might prefer Abu Garcia baitcasting reels because they are durable and have a great drag system. It really depends on what you are looking for in a baitcasting reel.

There are many baitcast reels on the market, but what do the pros use? The Daiwa Lexa 100H SuperDuty G baitcast reel is one of the most popular baitcast reels for bass fishing and most professional anglers used it. This reel has a 7.1:1 gear ratio, which makes it perfect for retrieving large lures quickly. It also has an impressive 17.6-pound drag system that can handle any fish you hook into. The Lexa 100H SuperDuty G is also available in a right-handed version.

There are many baitcasters on the market, but which one is the easiest to cast? In this question, we will take a look at some of the easier baitcasters to cast and see which one is right for you. I personally find that the Abu Garcia Evolve, Daiwa BPS-4 and the R.O.S. Big Game are all easy to cast and easy to control.

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