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Baitcasting Reel Setup (How to Use and Clean a Baitcaster in 2023 )

Baitcasting Reel Setup (How to use and clean a Baitcaster Reel)
Written by John Carter

Are you facing difficulty in baitcasting reel setup? Are you do not know how to cast with a baitcasting reel? If yes, then we are going to solve all those issues which create problems for beginners.

1. What is a Baitcasting Reel

Baitcaster reels are the modern fishing technology .with the help of a baitcaster, you can change your fishing life from the next level. With the help of a bait caster, you can catch bigger fish and play with heavier lines and the number of baits. But most of the anglers did not know how to use a baitcaster. This article will explain how to use a baitcasting reel as a newbie and how to cast with a baitcasting reel.

2. How to use a Baitcasting Reel

The given video briefly explained what a baitcasting reel used for is.

Let’s explain how to cast a baitcaster from basic to advanced.

How to Spool a Baitcaster Reel

The first thing which matters in a fishing reel is the spool of line. Learning how to spool a baitcaster increases your fishing performance and makes you better in fishing. First, select the best fishing line between the rod and the application you want to catch according to your requirement. 6.6 inch to 6.10-inch medium heavy rod paired with baitcasting reel remains best. After that, we start spooling.

Every bait caster has mono and braided line capacity. Used monofilament because monofilament tied the line with the spool. For the Braided line, we required backing because its slips on the spool. Always use the athletic type around the spool.

Baitcasting reels are designed for the heavy line, so use more than 10 pounds. The large diameter of the line makes the spool easy. If you are a beginner, use 16 to 17-pound monofilament because its handles system is much easier.

Consult the reel owner’s manual to set the appropriate star drag and spool tension. Hold the rod horizontally and depress the thumb because it ensures that your lure falls slowly and smoothly in the water. You bring the rod back over to the shoulder during the cast increases dragging power. To maintain the pressure of the spool, hold the tension of the line between his thumb and finger.

Baitcasting Reel Setup

How to put a Fishing line on a Baitcasting Reel

See this video if you do not know how to put a fishing line on a baitcaster. It will guide you who to place the line on a baitcasting reel.

But first, you need to pick up that baitcaster which lines are better. Many options available in the market Chose the best fishing line reel. It would help if you kept in mind some factors when buying the best bait caster.


Three different types of lines are used in the fishing spool.

1. Monofilament

It is the most common fishing line available in an all-range bait caster because it is low priced, easy to use, thick, and has strong rope. It is corrosion-resistant and perfect for saltwater. I chose a 15 to 17-pound monofilament line because it is easier to use.

2. Braided line

The braided line is thin and powerful, but it does not provide us more resistance against abrasion. The best braid line gives zero stretches, making casting easy during the long distance.

3. Fluorocarbon

These lines are used as a leader line. When these lines submerged in water, then they did not remain visible.

Diameter of line

The large diameter of the line creates friction and makes the string long lasted and corrosion-resistant. The diameter of the string depends on the ability of the spool.


The strength of the line is essential because it measures how much pressure it can take. Please do not use a low-strength line reel for heaver fishes because it broke the line. If your catching is significant, then use a strong line baitcaster.

3. Baitcasting Reel Setup and Adjustments  

Many functions play an essential role in adjusting the baitcasting reel in any reel. The brake system and cast control knob are the essential part of the reel, which gives a smooth cast without any backlash. The following things that affect baitcaster adjustment are.

1. Drag System Adjustment

Drag systems are essential, which manage the tension of knobs while dragging the fish towards him. Drag System is a gear spoke designed like a pinwheel. The cracking system decreases tightening from the spool line while carrying the fish. Keep the drag pressure low when catching small fish and tighten the drag pressure when catching big fish.

2. Brake System Adjustment 

The brake system quickly stops the spool and Spits out the line when the lures are cast. Mainly baitcaster reel contains 1 to 10 brake system adjustments. One brake system is used in emergency cases because it is fastest while nine is slowest.5 to 7 are normal ranges for beginners. Lose the spool tension and slow the brake system gives quick and more cast.

4. How to cast a Baitcasting Reel

After setting up the baitcasting reel, we learn how to cast with the help of the baitcasting reel. After setting up gear properly, you can learn and apply it to cast efficiently. Follows this instruction which is given in the diagram.

5. How to String a Baitcaster

It is vital to complete the reel as possible. The casting string should be between 8 to 9 inches from the top. If we get too much line, it creates sound during the cast.

6. Baitcasting Reel Setup

Are you transfer himself from spinning pole to baitcasting reel? Are you a beginner on the fishing journey? Today, we solved this problem if you do not know how to set up his baitcaster. We explained how to set up a baitcasting reel and guided you on how to clean a baitcasting reel. I cannot explain it in wording because if I tried to explain, you do not understand in such away. The best practice is to see this video from start to end. This video helps you much in Baitcasting Reel Setup.

7. How to Clean a Baitcasting Reel

Most anglers did not know how to clean or wash the baitcasting reel. If you are one of them, you come to the right place.
First of all, when buying a baitcaster, then check whether the oil is available inbox or not. If oil is available, use this oil to clean the dust and salt from the not touch the inner part of the reel too much often.
Always care about the gear ratio and use grease and reel oil frequently. The gear ratio plays an important role in casting and in dragging. If you do not care about the gear ratio, it affects the speed of the gear.

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